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47Lining Enterprise PaaS Products

Optimizing Upstream Software Readiness for Operators and Application Providers

47Lining Products are Designed to Help Developers Gain Frictionless Access to the OSDU™ Ecosystem

Oil and gas industry leaders created the OSDU™ Forum for the purpose of developing a standard data platform that bridges data silos to accelerate exploratory processes and increase interpretation accuracy. This is achieved by making subsurface and wells data easily accessible to exploration teams and encouraging experimentation by separating data from applications.

Learn more about the capabilities of each of the 47Lining Enterprise PaaS products and how they can help you meet your needs.

Production Foundation

47Lining Enterprise PaaS – Production Foundation allows you to scale your usage of the OSDU Data Platform and related applications and workflows throughout your enterprise. Coming soon in second half of 2023.


How 47Lining Enterprise PaaS Products Meet Your Needs

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