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47Lining Enterprise PaaS Products

Increase Innovation and Business Value in Upstream Workflows

Streamline Adoption and Enterprise Usage of the OSDU® Data Platform for Operators and Application Providers

Oil and gas industry leaders established The Open Group OSDU® Forum to create a standard data platform that:

  • Makes subsurface and wells data more accessible to data exploration teams
  • Removes data silos to accelerate exploration processes and increase the accuracy of interpretations
  • Enables experimentation and innovation by making  data machine accessible and application-agnostic

AWS has selected 47Lining, Hitachi Digital Services as their strategic delivery partner for as-a-Service fulfillment of Energy Data Insights on AWS for the OSDU® Data Platform. You can accelerate progress towards your goals using 47Lining fully managed as-a-Service offerings.


How 47Lining Enterprise PaaS Products Meet Your Needs

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