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Enterprise PaaS for Oil and Gas

Business Transformation and Process Optimization

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Data is collected throughout the Oil and Gas value chain.

Challenges of Collecting and Analyzing Process-Oriented Data


Oil and Gas companies collect data at all points of the value chain that can be used to optimize upstream, midstream, and downstream activities. Many of these companies, however, are leveraging physical storage environments that trap this data in silos, preventing analysis. Furthermore, there is little interoperability amongst analysis applications, extrapolating the issue.


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47Lining Builds Enterprise PaaS for Oil and Gas Leaders


The Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) Forum is made up of leaders in the Oil and Gas industry that have come together to develop a standard data platform that:

  • Makes subsurface and wells data more accessible to data exploration teams
  • Bridges data silos to accelerate exploration processes and increase the accuracy of interpretations
  • Enables experimentation and innovation by separating data from applications

To fulfill these initiatives, 47Lining has built an Enterprise PaaS environment on top of native AWS cloud services that allows Oil and Gas companies to drive business transformation and process optimization with subsurface data.

Icon Data Collection
Collect Any Type of Data from Any Location

Ingest structured and unstructured data or import from legacy environments. Track the data’s lineage and identity throughout its lifecycle.

Icon Subsurface Data Discovery
Easily Discover and Share Relevant Subsurface Data

Naturally search for the data you need and export to custom or legacy applications. Add or enrich metadata to make discovery quick and easy.

Icon Securely Data Store
Securely and Cost-Effectively Store Data

Enforce access controls on highly durable, tiered storage – all while meeting data residency requirements with global cloud infrastructure.

Icon Data Analyze
Analyze Data with Legacy and Modern Applications

Leverage traditional petrochemical or industry-specific 47Lining applications, powered by AI/ML, to improve the accuracy and speed to interpretation.

Advantages of 47Lining Enterprise PaaS

The architecture below demonstrates the capabilities of the OSDU platform, and how 47Lining Enterprise PaaS fulfills customer needs for exploration upstream, midstream, and downstream. 

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