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47Lining Partnerships Bring More Value to our Customers

Streamlining OSDU™ Roadmaps and Strategies

47Lining has cultivated strong collaborative relationships with OSDU® and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver solutions that help liberate and apply advanced analytics to upstream data. Using the latest releases of the OSDU Data Platform, 47Lining streamlines workflow optimization on AWS. The collaboration with OSDU and AWS makes it easy for you to adopt and deploy a development release of the OSDU Data Platform directly into the AWS account of your choice, allowing you to quickly explore and experiment with OSDU Data Platform services.

Learn more about how 47Lining works with OSDU and AWS to help you build a business case for your OSDU roadmap and strategy.

47Lining is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with Data & Analytics, Energy, and Solution Provider competencies, 47Lining collaborates with AWS to drive continuous business transformation for enterprises in the oil and gas, mining, energy and utilities industries. Combining 47Lining cloud native DataOps Web Services with the speed, flexibility, and scalability of AWS helps customers quickly provision DataOps environments on demand and connect them to applications that solve specific use cases.

Data Lake on AWS eBook

47Lining enables organizations to unleash the value of analytics by easily ingesting structured and unstructured data to make better business decisions.

AWS Partner Page

As an AWS Partner, 47Lining has received four AWS Service Validations and two AWS Certifications. 47Lining has also participated in multiple AWS Partner programs.

AWS Marketplace

Deploy 47Lining solutions directly via AWS Marketplace to unlock the value of industrial data.

47Lining Enables Frictionless Access to the OSDU™ Ecosystem

47Lining products have been developed in alignment with the OSDU™ Standard and are designed to simplify data access and provide frictionless access to the latest updates in the OSDU ecosystem. 47Liningʼs products are offered via AWS Marketplace in a SaaS fulfillment model, allowing you to seamlessly access the most recent, validated milestone releases of the OSDU Data Platform

The OSDU™ Catalog

The OSDU Catalog allows you to engage with products in the OSDU ecosystem. To learn how 47Lining products help you realize OSDU Standard benefits and get started on workflow optimization, just enter “47Lining” in the search bar.

47Lining Enterprise PaaS Demo

Learn how organizations can use 47Lining Enterprise PaaS to evaluate the OSDU Data Platform, launch a new AI-enabled multi-vendor interoperable workflow, and run it in production.


How 47Lining Partnerships Extend to our Products

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