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Professional Services for Enterprise PaaS

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Accelerate Enterprise PaaS Adoption

We know implementing new technologies and process optimization at scale are no small feats. 47Lining operates as a trusted advisor to industrial enterprises, backed by Hitachi’s global scale and expertise in industrial technology, to ensure organizations are equipped to innovate at planetary scale.

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It’s Never Been Easier to Get Started with Enterprise PaaS

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Build a Business Case

Our teams have been here before. We know the ins and outs of Enterprise-Platform environments and will help you develop a business case that best suits your technology initiatives and fulfills the goals of your executive decision makers.

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Configure an Enterprise PaaS Environment

Core engineering principles, including a focus on business value through data, are engrained in our culture and approach. Professional Services will work with your team to configure an Enterprise PaaS Environment in a manner that best suits your needs.

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Accelerate Time-to-Production

With more than 60 successful implementations for global industrial enterprises, we’ve got this down to a science. With our reliable and repeatable blueprints, you can get started faster, and with reduced risk.


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