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Enterprise PaaS for Energy and Utilities

Extract Richer Insights for More Efficient Operations

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Business Transformation and Process Optimization for Energy

47Lining enables leaders in the energy field to achieve greater stability and visibility into their data. From ingesting time-series data at scale to centralizing big data repositories, 47Lining Enterprise PaaS provides a proven solution for energy companies to more rapidly address changes in customer needs and expectations.


How Have Energy Organizations Leveraged Enterprise PaaS?

What 47Lining Helps Energy Firms Achieve

Icon Greater Scalability

Greater Scalability

Create cloud-based big data solutions to operate more quickly and efficiently, enabling more stable operations.

Icon increased Transparency

Increased Transparency

Build industrial process data lakes to ingest time-series data at scale, while continuing to leverage familiar BI tools.

Icon Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs

Process optimization and predictive capabilities enable you to more closely align costs to resource consumption.

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