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DevOps, Enterprise Paas, and Cloud Engineering Consultant

47Lining, Hitachi Digital Services, helps customers build, operate and manage breathtaking “Data Machines” for their data-driven businesses.

At 47Lining, we believe in building high performance teams who are passionate about what they do. We enjoy learning from each other and our clients, and our spirit of collaboration permeates everything we do.

Job Summary

We are seeking experienced and versatile senior and junior dev ops, data ops, and AWS Cloud engineers. The ideal contributor will work with a skilled team developing and operating enterprise-grade services backbone products and services supporting industrial process optimization data lakes, agile analytics, and data ops platforms.


  • Extensive background in Unix system administration
  • Strong experience with environment and deployment automation, infrastructure-as-code, deployment pipeline specification and development.
  • Operations design, metrics and SLA definition, trigger specification
  • Experience managing applications in Amazon Web Services and familiarity with all of their core, compute, networking, storage, security, compliance, serverless, and analytics offerings
  • Ability to embed with development teams to ensure system reliability and performance
  • Good working knowledge of deploying large scale applications and services
  • Exposure to networking & load balancing solutions
  • Deliver ongoing releases using tiered pipelines and continuous integration tools like Jenkins and Bamboo
  • Proficient in usage of distributed revision control systems with branching, tagging (git)
  • Create and maintain release and update processes using build tools like Maven
  • Specify and manage the provisioning of deployment environments using tools like Cloudformation, Terraform, Puppet, Chef, and Ansible
  • Support database environments including replication, log shipping, performance tuning, and backups
  • Maintain distinct environments such as development, staging, production
  • Maintain team and client accounts and permissions
  • Define, develop, and maintain monitoring and reporting infrastructure
  • Strong scripting skills, preferably with Bash, Ruby and Python
  • Excellent documentation habits

Key Focus Areas

  • Continuous integration embedded with or in partnership with development teams
  • Development and Production Environment specification, creation and maintenance
  • Operations Design
  • Specification and Implementation of Cloud Operations Standard Operating Procedures
  • Build scripting
  • On-going monitoring and support


  • Must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science


  • Full-time, W-2 employee with benefits


  • Flexible

If you are interested in this opening, please send an email to: