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Continuous Transformation at Planetary Scale

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47Lining Enables Industrial Process Optimization

Industrial enterprises face a number of challenges that prevent them from realizing a cutting-edge, data-driven approach to process optimization. Primarily, this entails the complexity and cost of:

  • Migrating expansive datasets to the cloud from on-premises systems
  • Building and deploying an Enterprise PaaS environment that harnesses AI/ML and CI/CD practices
  • Managing Enterprise PaaS environments and their data portfolios in a governed manner

47Lining’s Enterprise PaaS solves these challenges, enabling process optimization at planetary scale.

Image Solar Panels
Icon Provision DataOps Enviroments

Provision Enterprise PaaS Environments On Demand

The Enterprise PaaS environment runs in your AWS account like a cloud service, making it easy and repeatable to deploy the solution and simple to manage.

Icon Eliminate Data Silos

Eliminate Data Silos to Uncover Richer Insights

47Lining Enterprise PaaS allows you to derive richer insights faster by analyzing cloud-based data lakes that ingest data from all your sources.

Icon Reduce Analytics Lifecycle

Reduce Analytics Lifecycles from Months to Weeks

AI/ML capabilities automate repetitive tasks in data analysis. Strong portfolio management and data governance capabilities make it easy to push algorithms into production, at scale.

Icon Build A Competitive Advantage

Build a Competitive Advantage with Your Data

Experiment frequently and drive innovation with predictive and assistive capabilities across different commercial service providers.

Customer Success Stories

How Have Industrial Organizations Leveraged Enterprise PaaS?

Image Oil Extraction Platform

Oil and Gas

Petrochemical customer is shortening exploration from 7 months to 3 weeks.

Image Mine


Mining leader minimizes downtime with Enterprise PaaS-enabled predictive maintenance.

Image Wind Turbines

Energy and Utilities

Utilities company reduces costs, drives new revenue, and boosts transparency into assets.

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