Management Team

Our team culture is characterized by contagious passion for helping our clients be successful. We are also committed to fostering an environment of continuous learning, collaboration and fun for our team. The vast majority of our contributors are AWS Certified Solutions Architects who love learning from each other!

So - What Does "47Lining" Mean? 47 is the atomic number on the periodic table for silver. Our team is impassioned about the "silver lining" the Cloud transformation offers businesses. We formed 47Lining to help customers unlock the value of data they have traditionally stored in private data centers. The Cloud provides exciting opportunities to collaborate with partners, leverage attractive IT cost curves, speed time to market and increase business agility.

A great team is the cornerstone of a successful project. Our management team members have launched large enterprise-scale systems. We provide the rare mix that combines appropriate management of technology with world-class execution to create business value.