Elegant "Data Machines" to optimize your business

47Lining, now part of Hitachi Vantara, is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with Big Data and Machine Learning Competency designations. We develop big data solutions and deliver big data managed services built from underlying AWS building blocks like Amazon Redshift, Kinesis, S3, DynamoDB, Machine Learning and Elastic MapReduce. We help customers build, operate and manage breathtaking “Data Machines” for their data-driven businesses. We architect solutions that address traditional data warehousing, Internet-of-Things analytics back-ends, predictive analytics and machine learning to open up new business opportunities. Our experience spans use cases in multiple industries including industrial, manufacturing, oil & gas, energy, life sciences, gaming, retail analytics, financial services and media & entertainment.

Customer Success Stories

We enabled our customer to maintain optimal performance and system maintenance best practices while ingesting over 1 billion rows per day into Redshift.

Scaling Redshift to Ingest Over a Billion Rows Per Day

Customer Success Stories

We enabled our data services provider customer to deploy their entire environment to a new AWS Region in 45 minutes with “one click” DevOps. This allowed them to reap price / performance benefits that are impossible to achieve on-premise.

Cloud Price / Performance

Customer Success Stories

We built a big data platform for the world’s largest provider of satellite imagery. Each day global-scale imagery is loaded into AWS, transformed and made available for advanced analytics to answer business questions about our changing planet like, “How many new buildings went up in Beijing last year?,” “How healthy does this year’s corn crop appear?”

Planetary Scale Analytics