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47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Preview Deployment

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Start building your business case for the OSDU™ Data Platform with 47Lining Enterprise PaaS – Preview Deployment. The OSDU standard offers common services for analyzing upstream data, while also enabling application and data interoperability. By leveraging 47Lining Enterprise PaaS – Preview Deployment you can evaluate the benefits of the OSDU Data Platform, understand its capabilities, and determine how it will fit within your existing processes. You pay only for underlying AWS services consumed and less than a dollar per month for PaaS usage, so you can evaluate the solution without significant costs.

Your Preview Deployment delivers an instance of the most current OSDU Data Platform release, preloaded with test datasets. All the underlying AWS services are automatically deployed in your AWS account and a sample application is provided so you can quickly begin experimenting. Users can easily interact with the platform using an intuitive web interface, and training content helps you further accelerate onboarding.

47Lining Enterprise PaaS – Preview Deployment is available now in AWS Marketplace. The Preview Deployment is suitable for evaluation, training, planning, preparing your data loading strategy, identifying and validating lead use cases, identifying benefits, and preparing your business case.

47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Production is a future offering that will be available mid 2022. The 47Lining Enterprise PaaS – Production will be suitable for production operations of the OSDU Data Platform and related applications..


Aligned to the OSDU Standard

Leverage a repeatable deployment to easily take advantage of the OSDU standard, access a diverse ecosystem, and eliminate reliance on point solutions.

Enterprise Ready

Deploy the platform in a push-button manner to unlock enterprise-grade capabilities for security, operations, and support.

Offered as-a-Service

Get started quickly and without significant upfront costs. The PaaS model converts CapEx to OpEx and offloads maintenance and updates.

Getting Started

Getting started is as easy as going to AWS Marketplace and subscribing to the offering.

Account and Billing

The Preview Deployment of 47Lining Enterprise PaaS is deployed to an AWS account that you designate and manage. Pricing for your 47Lining Preview Deployment is designed to minimize barriers to evaluation, learning and adoption of the OSDU standard and the most recent development release of the OSDU Data Platform, with no significant usage fees beyond the cost of underlying AWS Services.


47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Preview Deployment is currently offered in the following AWS Regions:

  • us-east-1 US East (Virginia)
  • us-east-2 US East (Ohio)
  • ap-southeast-1 Asia Pacific (Singapore)
  • ca-central-1 Canada (Central)
  • eu-west-1 Europe (Ireland)
  • eu-central-1 Europe (Frankfurt)
  • sa-east-1 South America (São Paulo)


How can I easily access a preview deployment of the OSDU Data Platform?

It's as simple as subscribing to 47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Preview Deployment in AWS Marketplace. 47Lining will provision your Preview Deployment on your behalf in an AWS Account that you designate. Beyond deployment, the 47Lining team will focus on managing the environment and allow your team to focus on optimizing your oil and gas operations to better leverage the OSDU Data Platform.

How much does 47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Preview Deployment cost?

Pricing for your 47Lining Preview Deployment is based on an hourly, consumption-based model. Pricing is designed to minimize barriers to adoption, at less than a dollar per month appearing in an AWS Marketplace line item for your subscription on your AWS invoice. The 47Lining Preview Deployment leverages native AWS Services. You pay AWS directly for your usage of those AWS Services.

What do I get with 47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Preview Deployment?

Once your environment is provisioned you will have a fully functioning OSDU Data Platform with the latest generally available OSDU Forum version. That includes the OSDU Services, test datasets, sample applications from the OSDU forum and a Management Console supplied by 47Lining to interact with your OSDU Data Platform.

What is 47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Production?

47Lining will offer 47Lining Enterprise PaaS coinciding with the OSDU standard R3 release. It will include everything needed to deploy and manage the OSDU Data Platform for your organization.

Contact Us

If you have questions about 47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Preview Deployment or would like assistance from our Professional Services team, please contact us and a 47Lining process transformation specialist will contact you to discuss your needs.