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47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Adoption Catalyst

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Enable your development and product teams with easy access to the OSDU™ Data Platform, delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. After subscribing, an AWS Account dedicated to your organization will be established. You will then receive a SaaS instance of the latest, validated release of the OSDU Data Platform.

47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Adoption Catalyst is a paid and dedicated SaaS offering that builds on 47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Developer Accelerator. Adoption Catalyst enables developers to test initial applications against OSDU Data Platform APIs and start to move other applications through the POC, pre-production, and production phases.

By using a SaaS-based fulfillment model deployed into a 47Lining-owned AWS account, your developers can auto-load test datasets specific to your organization. The installation process creates an always-on OSDU Data Platform instance that can be accessed by initial users within hours of implementation. Once granted, you gain access to the user interface within the 47Lining portal and start innovating.

This removes the burden of installation, setup, and access by allowing developers to take advantage of repeatable processes and define a predictable path to OSDU Data Platform milestone releases as these become available.

When testing applications against the OSDU Data Platform APIs, your developers can begin to apply supported, maintained OSDU Data Platform instances and accelerate application development lifecycles.

OSDU is a trademark of The Open Group.


Aligned to the OSDU Standard

Leverage a repeatable deployment to easily take advantage of the OSDU standard, access a diverse ecosystem, and eliminate reliance on point solutions.

Enterprise Ready

Deploy the platform in a push-button manner to unlock enterprise-grade capabilities for security, operations, and support.

Offered as-a-Service

Get started quickly and without significant upfront costs. The PaaS model converts CapEx to OpEx and offloads maintenance and updates.

Getting Started

Getting started is as easy as going to AWS Marketplace and subscribing to the offering. TO DO Update the link once we receive it from AWS Marketplace

Account and Billing

The Adoption Catalyst of 47Lining Enterprise PaaS is deployed to an AWS account that you designate and manage. Pricing for your 47Lining Adoption Catalyst is designed to minimize barriers to evaluation, learning and adoption of the OSDU standard and the most recent development release of the OSDU™ Data Platform, with no significant usage fees beyond the cost of underlying AWS Services.


47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Adoption Catalyst is currently offered in the following AWS Regions:

  • us-east-1 US East (Virginia)
  • us-east-2 US East (Ohio)
  • us-west-1 US West (N. California)
  • us-west-2 US West (Oregon)


How can I easily access a Adoption Catalyst instance of the OSDU Data Platform?

It's as simple as subscribing to 47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Adoption Catalyst in AWS Marketplace. 47Lining will provision your Adoption Catalyst on your behalf in an AWS Account that you designate. Beyond deployment, the 47Lining team will focus on managing the environment and allow your team to focus on optimizing your oil and gas operations to better leverage the OSDU Data Platform.

How much does 47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Adoption Catalyst cost?

Your dedicated instance of 47Lining Enterprise PaaS – Adoption Catalyst is available 24/7 and includes cost-management features. This allows you to turn the instance off when your team does not need it. You will be charged $11 per hour for your instance. You can reduce the cost to $5 per hour by disabling API endpoints when you do not need them

What do I get with 47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Adoption Catalyst?

Once your environment is provisioned you will have a fully functioning OSDU Data Platform with the latest generally available OSDU Forum version. That includes the OSDU Services, test datasets, sample applications from the OSDU forum and a Management Console supplied by 47Lining to interact with your OSDU Data Platform.

What is 47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Production?

47Lining will offer 47Lining Enterprise PaaS coinciding with the OSDU standard R3 release. It will include everything needed to deploy and manage the OSDU Data Platform for your organization.

Contact Us

If you have questions about 47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Adoption Catalyst or would like assistance from our Professional Services team, please contact us and a 47Lining process transformation specialist will contact you to discuss your needs.