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The Open Group OSDU™ Forum is made up of leaders in the oil and gas industry that have come together to develop a standard data platform that:

  • Makes subsurface and wells data more accessible to data exploration teams
  • Bridges data silos to accelerate exploration processes and increase the accuracy of interpretations
  • Enables experimentation and innovation by separating data from applications

You can achieve these goals using 47Lining Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service offerings:

47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Preview Deployment
Low cost Preview Deployment of most current pre-production version of the OSDU Data Platform to an AWS account that you choose.
47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Developer Accelerator
SaaS Instances of the Latest OSDU Data Platform Release Supported by 47Lining and AWS.
47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Adoption Catalyst
Support your software development lifecycle with a SaaS subscription providing the latest OSDU Data Platform milestone release in an AWS account dedicated to you.
47Lining Enterprise PaaS - Production
Coming soon with enterprise features suitable for production usage.