Predictive or Real-Time Analytics PoC

The advent of technologies like Apache Spark and Amazon Machine Learning democratize predictive and real-time analytics previously only available to data scientists. Our PoC engagement focuses on establishing either predictive capabilities or real-time results for use cases like real-time dashboards, customer churn, propensity modeling, content recommendation and fraud detection. Typical PoC activities include:

  • Establishing data pipeline architecture based on predictive or real-time requirements. Use of Kinesis workers for near-real-time availability of data and S3 for durable persistence of data sets and historic analyses.
  • Demonstration of feature engineering and feature transformations to assist machine learning processes or near-real-time complex event triggers and dashboards
  • Development of predictor model or real-time stream processing
  • A roadmap and prioritized recommendations for migration activities beyond the PoC

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