47Lining empowers data-driven businesses to unlock the elasticity and price / performance benefits of AWS. 47Lining architects solutions that address traditional data warehousing, Internet-of-Things analytics back-ends, predictive analytics and machine learning to open up new business opportunities. What would it mean for your business if you could effectively answer questions about the past and predict future customer behavior? Our experience spans use cases in multiple industries including energy, life sciences, gaming, retail analytics, financial services and media & entertainment. To jumpstart customers’ big data in journeys, we offer get-started packaged offerings:


Big Data Assessment / Optimization

When customers are ready to scale their existing Kinesis, S3, Redshift, Elastic Map Reduce or Machine Learning implementations, our team can provide best practices assessment and optimization guidance.


Data Warehousing with Amazon Redshift PoC

Many customers extract significant value from Amazon Redshift, a petabyte scale data warehouse priced at $1,000 per terabyte per year. Our PoC engagement jumpstarts customers with data ingest, transformation and aggregation for analytics.


Amazon Redshift “Blackbelt” Optimization and Training

When customers start ingesting millions to billions of rows per day into Amazon Redshift and require up-to-date dashboards, our team of trusted advisors can provide optimization and system maintenance best practices.


Hadoop Migration to Amazon Elastic Map Reduce PoC

Many data-driven businesses possess large-scale on-premise Hadoop clusters, but they are costly and difficult to scale. They are attracted to Amazon Elastic Map Reduce, a managed Hadoop framework, which offers scaling and price / performance characteristics impossible to achieve on-premise.


Predictive or Real-Time Analytics PoC

The advent of technologies like Apache Spark and Amazon Machine Learning democratize predictive and real-time analytics previously only available to data scientists. Our PoC engagement focuses on establishing either predictive capabilities or real-time results for use cases like real-time dashboards, customer churn, propensity modeling, content recommendation and fraud detection.


Enterprise Data Lake with Amazon S3 PoC

Increasingly, valuable customer data sources are dispersed between on-premise, SaaS providers, partners, 3rd party data providers and public data sets. Our PoC engagement demonstrates business value through data fusion using Amazon S3 as the “source of truth.”


Internet-of-Things in AWS PoC

As consumer and commercial devices become increasingly interconnected, customers seek scalable collection and aggregation, transformation and loading for near real-time retrospective analysis and reporting. Our PoC engagement demonstrates end-to-end device data ingest, storage, aggregation and analysis.