FlowEnergyIncreasingly, customers require analysis that fuses data from multiple on-premise applications, Internet of Things (IoT) data in the field, SaaS providers and business partners. The Cloud is not only a natural fit, but also introduces cost curves to make big data more accessible to a broader set of business users. 47Lining specializes in helping customers develop big data solutions that leverage AWS products like DynamoDB, Kinesis, S3, Redshift and EMR.

FlowEnergy captures energy data from smart devices to help their customers, universities and medical centers, understand and optimize their comfort system. The devices push JSON data samples once a minute and include airside and waterside sensors. 47Lining partnered with FlowEnergy on an AWS Redshift analytics solution including the following components:

  • Kinesis (smart devices post telemetry data here every minute)
  • Amazon DynamoDB (receives location-based weather data from WeatherUnderground every 5 minutes)
  • Amazon Lambda (services the Kinesis stream, joins stream data with weather data and stores to S3)
  • S3 (stores the completed records to be loaded to Redshift)
  • EC2 (manages the process that periodically loads new records into Redshift)


“47Lining moved us to a scalable IoT collection and ingest flow, reducing complex query times from seventeen minutes to 8 seconds.” — Paul Kearney, Vice President Technology, FlowEnergy