We’re very excited to announce the launch of the AWS Industrial Time Series Data Connector Quick Start, developed by 47Lining.  The connector synchronizes your OSIsoft PI System data to AWS to enable advanced analytics on your industrial process time-series data.

AWS Industrial Time Series Data Connector solves both of these problems. You can deploy and use the connector with just a few clicks from your own AWS account. After you deploy this Quick Start, you can easily establish near real-time managed feeds for selected data, get your data to Amazon S3, keep it current, and explore and analyze your data with AWS analytics services.

The AWS Industrial Time Series Data Connector provides these features:

  • Security – You can connect to your PI Data Archive and PI Asset Framework (AF) Server by using Windows Integrated Security (WIS), virtual private network (VPN), and Active Directory. Or, you can connect to your PI Data Archive through your user credentials.
  • Synchronization – You can synchronize your PI AF structure in AF Server and PI Points, which are defined in PI Data Archive.
  • Near real-time subscription – You can subscribe to Snapshot and Archive updates on selected PI Points to get your data to AWS through Amazon Kinesis.
  • Backfilling – You can backfill PI Points for periods in the past and move that data to Amazon S3.
  • Interpolation – You can interpolate your PI Points at specified intervals and observe the data flow to AWS.
  • Exploration – You can use Amazon Athena to explore your PI Points.
  • Publishing – You can publish your data in an S3 bucket for sandboxed analytics.
  • Management – A dedicated Management Console web application lets you explore OSIsoft PI System to AWS Connector features and provides administrative functions.
  • Visualization – You can visualize your data by using Kibana dashboards and PI Points data available in AWS Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES).

When your sensor data is available in AWS, you can use a wide range of other AWS services to operate on your data and apply descriptive, predictive, and real-time analytics to optimize your business and its operations.

If you would like support in building upon this foundation for your use case, please Contact us to discuss your needs.