Go Further, Faster with a Data Lake in Amazon Web Services

Increasingly, valuable customer data sources are dispersed among on-premise, SaaS providers, partners, 3rd party data providers and public data sets. Data Lakes in the cloud are the foundation for storing on-premises, 3rd party and public data sets at attractive price / performance. Atop this foundation, a portfolio of descriptive, predictive and real-time agile analytics can empower customers to answer their most important business questions. In this talk, 47Lining CEO, Mick Bass, will walk attendees through best practices data lake reference architecture in AWS and share real world customer use cases like predicting customer churn, propensity to buy, detecting fraud, optimizing industrial processes and content recommendations.

More Information: https://www.dataplatforms.com/

Location: Data Platforms 2017, Phoenix, Arizona

Date/Time: Thursday, May 25, 2:30 – 3:15pm, Mohave West Room